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„Our cabin attendants are superbly designed... But there's only one problem: they might want to laugh, but the smile would be slow to come. They might want to cry, but the tear wouldn't well up till the next day...“.
Mr. Wang in Wong Kar Wai's „2046“

In Wong Kar Wai's film “2046”, the main character writes a science fiction novel with the title “2047” and which is included in the film itself, as a film within a film with its own characters and a small plot. In this novel, female androids act as hostesses of the passengers of a futuristic train.

A dance characterisation of the android hostess characters suggesting a train journey in the near future between cosmopolitan cities, is the point of departure and framework of our dance and media performance "2047". The android hostesses are set in an aesthetic context with highly stylised lighting, sound and costumes designs.

The theme of a train journey is echoed onstage as a continuously flowing development, expressed through the dance and audiovisual impressions. "2047" develops continuously, slowly and constantly as it tells a story,  in "2047", the story of a train journey.

"2047 ...offered dance of highest level under the implementation of High-Tech".
Kristina Soldati / Tanznetzt 
Dance-Media Performance for 6 Dancers (Duration: 65 mins.)

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Videos and Sound Effects
Pablo Ventura

Unita Galiluyo
Jurac Korec
Daniela Neugebauer
Kana Ote
Brooke Smiley
Khai Vu 
Clarissa Cortes
(Extra Video)

Music Composition
Robert Alexander
Robert Korizek

Daniel Bisig
Tobias Peier
Pablo Ventura

Audiovisual Interaction Design 
Daniel Bisig (Video)
Christian Ziegler

Pablo Ventura

Antje Brückner 

Arlette Kunz

Tobias Peier

Christian Glaus

Software: Life Forms, ISO (Interactive Swarm Orchestra), Max/msp, SoftVNS3

Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland.
Institute for Computer and Sound Technology (ICST), Zürich, Switzerland.
Teatro Cuyás, Las Palmas. Spain.

Premiere: Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland. 5th November 2009. 

©Pablo Ventura 2009