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Kubic's Cube
Performance / Installation epilogue to the trilogy De Humani Corporis Fabrica (2002-2006)

The Installation (3-4 hours)
The robot “Kubic” hangs in a dark space surrounded by sounds of a jungle. The public moves freely in space and regards the robot from different perspectives. A motion tracking software registers the whereabouts of the public and triggers the robot to react to the approach and nearness of the spectators. An ambivalence takes place between the sounds of organic life in a jungle and a machine and the public’s perception of “Kubic” fluctuates between a kinetic sculpture or a living organism.

The performance (20 mins.) 
The choreographer Pablo Ventura operates the robot 'live' to industrial sounds especially composed for the piece by Francisco López, creating differentiated mechanistic atmospheres that invite the viewer to discover Kubic's Cube from different perspectives.
Robot Choreography and Installation 
Pablo Ventura

Louis-Philippe Demers

Music and Audio Installation 
Francisco López

Robot Programming 
Armin Purkrabek


Premiere: Transmediale-Berlin. Germany. November 2006
Co-Production: Tesla Berlin

©Pablo Ventura 2006